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What is the prime factor you need to consider when securing the service of a Broker when purchasing a business of any kind, including motels, management rights or freehold investments? It is TRUST.


Are you looking for a lifestyle change? Looking for security? As a buyer, particularly if you are new to the business sector, or the motel/tourism accommodation industry (and possibly new to our country), there is a lot to understand when considering stepping out of your comfort zone to invest in a business.

We know and understand your position and will provide you with vital, in-depth industry information and data, plus walk you through the initial process and due diligence requirements, ensuring that you are aware of what to look for when you are about to make a very serious purchase. We work assiduously to establish your trust.


Our commitment starts from the moment of contact – we will explain the process and requirements and guide you from there. Within minutes of our first contact, you will have introductory details of the property you have enquired about (and any other possible options), whether you are a New Zealand resident or an overseas buyer looking to immigrate to New Zealand.

We are generally able to travel at a moment’s notice to meet your own viewing availability, and can often arrange to meet at the airport nearest your intended viewing, if required.


Our commitment to service continues through to settlement day when you take possession of your new business. We will be there to assist with the handover.

Once you have secured your new business, we will continue to be a regular visitor and you will continue to receive market updates and newsletters to keep you abreast of sales and movement within the market, so you can continue to measure and develop your own business against market trends. 


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